With Corbado, we want to enable every developer to add passkeys to their authentication without the need to dig deep into passkey / WebAuthn specifications.

Google Chrome Virtual Authenticator

As a developer, it might be helpful to use the Google Chrome WebAuthn emulator. It allows you to test the WebAuthn API (the base for passkeys) with a virtual authenticator if your hardware does not offer any biometric scanners:

Passkey basics

In the following, we assume a basic understanding of passkeys and the underlying principles (e.g. WebAuthn). If you do not yet know about these principles and have questions like these:

  • What are passkeys?
  • Why are passkeys important?
  • How do passkeys work?
  • Are passkeys secure?

Then, please take a look at our Passkeys FAQ and Passkeys Glossary that should help you to understand the basics.

Passkey concepts for developers

Passkeys introduce some new technical concepts and apply a different paradigm also for developers. To get your first passkey-based app to run as soon as possible, the following pages explain the most important passkey concepts for developers: