Why do we need fallback options?

Fallback options are crucial for a few key reasons:

  1. Device compatibility: Despite a growing number of devices being passkey-ready (as detailed in our analysis and the passkeys analyzer), there will always be users with devices that do not support this technology.
  2. User preference: Some users might choose not to use passkeys, even on compatible devices, due to personal preferences or specific requirements.
  3. Inclusivity: Providing diverse login methods ensures that every user, regardless of their device or preference, has access to a secure and convenient way to log in.

What fallback options are supported by Corbado?

Corbado offers a range of fallback options, catering to different user needs and technological capabilities:

  • Corbado Complete: For users of Corbado Complete, we focus exclusively on passwordless fallbacks. These include:
    • Email magic links
    • Email one-time passcodes (OTPs)
    • SMS OTPs
    • Upcoming: Social logins and more
  • Corbado Connect: If you opt for Corbado Connect, there’s flexibility to fall back to traditional password-based authentication systems.

How does Corbado handle fallbacks?

Corbado employs a ‘passkey-first’ principle, which prioritizes passkey logins whenever feasible:

  • Promoting passkey logins: When a user has the option, passkey login is presented as the primary authentication method.
  • Sophisticated passkey intelligence and detection: Our system intelligently detects the passkey-readiness of different users on various devices.
  • Seamless transition to alternatives: If our system determines that passkeys are not a viable option, it smoothly transitions to offering alternative methods.