🧩Corbado Connect

Use Corbado Connect alongside your existing authentication as a passkey upgrade.


Corbado Connect allows you to easily add passkeys to your existing app, without changing your UX or replacing your entire authentication system. Thus, it's perfect for adding passkeys with no risk and gradually transitioning your users to passkeys.
Please contact us via email or Slack if you want to migrate your entire user base completly to Corbado.

Use Cases

Corbado Connect works best for existing apps and is the ideal choice to:
  1. 1.
    Win customers forever: Improve login conversion today and stay connected to your customers forever via their keychain
  2. 2.
    No migration: Keep your user data / auth system and own the UX flows while only adding passkeys via low-code plugin
  3. 3.
    No risk: Continue to use existing auth methods (e.g. passwords) to avoid any friction

How to start?

Currently, two integration ways are offered (more coming soon):
🔗 Connect via passkey association
↩️ Connect via webhooks
Keep existing authentication flows Use them in parallel to passkey flows
Full authentication flows
Incl. device and user detection
Fully own the auth UX/UI Only passkey ceremony is added
Pre-built, passkey-optimized UX/UI Customizable web components
Passwords via your current auth No change in password auth flows or UI
Passwords via Corbado web component Authentication leveraging webhooks
Best for fully owning UX / UI in authentication
Best for out-of-the-box passkey-first authentication
In both integration ways, you can:
  • continue to offer password-based authentication
  • keep existing user data where it is
  • gradually and smoothly roll out passkeys to passkey-ready devices and users
If you're unsure about the best integration way for your case, feel free to get in contact via email or via Slack.