Corbado helps you to add a full passkey authentication process to your application. As all of this involves a lot of complex UI, Corbado provides you with prebuilt and configurable UI components.

Available Packages

Corbado provides the UI components in two different packages:

Available UI Components

Note: You can use the Corbado VanillaJS components with any other framework / technology that uses JavaScript in the frontend (e.g. also Python, PHP or Java projects).

CorbadoProvider<CorbadoProvider/>Corbado.load()Required when adding UI components to an application.
Applies global project configuration (e.g., projectID, themes, etc.) to all Corbado components. Before using any of the following components, ensure the CorbadoProvider is properly set up.
CorbadoAuth<CorbadoAuth/>Corbado.mountAuthUI()This component serves as a comprehensive solution for user authentication, combining both account creation and login functionalities into a single, streamlined interface.
PasskeyList<PasskeyList/>Corbado.mountPasskeyListUI()Component displays and manages all created passkeys. Users can view, create, and delete passkeys directly from this interface, enhancing device and account security management.

For all UI components, you can customize stylings and translations. Find detailed information in the Customization page.