Getting started

Get started to implement passkeys with Corbado in your application by following these steps.

1. Set up your Corbado account

Sign up for a free Corbado account.
After successful account creation, the Corbado developer panel opens and you can create a new project.
After clicking on "Create new project", a wizard appears that helps you to set up your project. After you've successfully set up your project, you should see the following screen:

2. Get project ID

If you create an account in the Corbado developer panel, a project with corresponding project ID is automatically created.
The project ID can be retrieved from the heading or in the tile for "Corbado API access" (see screenshot above).

3. Choose your frontend

Choose your frontend technology to get customized instructions on how to add passkeys (this step is also described in the developer panel's project wizard that appears when you click on "Create new project"):

Google Chrome Virtual Authenticator

As a developer, it might be helpful to use the Google Chrome WebAuthn emulator. It allows you to test the WebAuthn API (the base for passkeys) with a virtual authenticator if your hardware does not offer any biometric scanners: