Passkey-First Authentication


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Frontend Integration

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Backend Integration

You can integrate Corbado with any other backend framework using the Corbado Backend API.

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Corbado Complete vs. Corbado Connect

Corbado provides solutions for integrating passkeys into new and already existing apps.

🛡️ Corbado Complete for new apps🧩 Corbado Connect for existing apps
Rapid Authentication: Get authentication done in 1 sprint with a standalone solution.Enhanced Customer Engagement: Boost conversions and seamlessly integrate with existing keychains.
Password-Free Experience: Eliminate password hassles and prevent customer drop-offs.Seamless Integration: No migration needed; retain user data and authentication system.
Adopt Industry Standards: Follow the lead of tech giants like Google for a cutting-edge solution.Risk-Free Transition: Continue using passwords without any disruption.
Secure Cloud Storage: Store user data securely in Corbado Cloud.Flexible Deployment: Maintain control over user data with deployment in your own environment.
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